About The Company

“Kovrovskie kotly” Co. produces at own manufacturing capabilities (placed in Kovrov, Vladimir region) heating plants GEYSER.

These are the boiler plants based on hot-water boilers GEYSER-thermowood (water is used as a coolant) and thermooil boilers GEYSER-thermooil (thermooil is used as a coolant). The furnaces of these boilers permit to burn down different types of waste of ANY HUMIDITY. The following types of waste can be used as a fuel: woodworking waste (sawdust, shavings, bark) of any humidity, wood granules, peat, waste of plant growing (straw, oilcake, sunflower husk, hop rod, vine, etc.).

The manufacturing capabilities of “Kovrovskie kotly” Co. include at that moment:

  • 5 workshops (3 production shops; 1 machine-shop; 1 hydraulic workshop). These workshops are fitted out with modern equipment HYPERTHERM, AMADA, EWM, MILLER, SELCO, CEBORA, WEGA;
  • heating plant (boiler-house);
  • qualified factory personnel (more than 150 specialists);
  • RD department;
  • in January 2008 the well-equipped canteen was organized for guests and personnel.

Our company’s service:

  • designing;
  • production and supply of the equipment;
  • assembling (or contract supervision); starting-up and adjustment;
  • support manning.

We have all the necessary documents and licenses.


Russian GREENPEACE recommends our company as a producer of equipment for alternative power engineering (at “BIOMASS ENERGY” section).


Our company designs and produces the drying chambers and the equipment for the drying complexes.


“Kovrovskie kotly” Co. designs and produces gas block- module boiler-houses GEYSER-G — reasonable in price/quality relations heat source for supplying heating systems, ventilation and hot water supply of residential constructions, public and industrial buildings.


The quality of our equipment is confirmed not only by certificates, but also by more important fact. That is the recognition of our customers. The equipment, supplied by our company, is already used in 60 regions of the Russian Federation, in the Republic of Belarus and in the Ukraine. There are large-scale enterprises among our customers such as near Moscow woodworking industrial complexes, joint ventures (Hungarian and German). We also cooperate with different organizations in the Republic of Belarus, Adigeya, Altai, Bashkortostan, Kabardino-balkariya, Komi, Mari-El, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, in the Altai, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, the Maritime Territories, the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area, in Amur, Arkhangelsk, Belgorod, Vladimir, Volgograd, Vologda, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Irkutsk, Kaluga, Kemerovo, Kostroma, Kurgan, Lipetsk, Leningrad, Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm, Pskov, Rostov, Ryazan, Samara, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, Smolensk, Tver, Tomsk, Tula, Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl regions, in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and in other regions of the Russian Federation. And all our customers speak well of us!