Thermal oil boilers for solid fuels

In a variety of different manufacturing processes where production is associated with heat transfer at high temperatures, it can be made by conventional methods using hot water and steam. Use of water and steam, generally, involves significant operating costs, maintenance costs and the high cost of equipment included in the control system, due to the need pretreatment of used water. Using thermal oil as the heat transfer is an alternative and very convenient solution for achieving high temperatures with very low operating pressures for different consumers of heat in the production process.

Oil heating systems have many advantages. While conventional steam systems operate under pressure, oil heating systems available pressure is generated only thermal oil circulating pumps. Liquid — the coolant is circulated in closed loops and persists for many years that result in low maintenance costs and operating costs for the entire system.

Thermal oil boiler

The main advantages of oil heating systems:

  • ease of operation and short startup time;
  • accurate and easy temperature control;
  • obtaining a high temperature at a low operating pressure.
Thermal oil boiler

The use of the secondary circuit enables:

  • precise temperature control in your system;
  • maintaining different operating temperatures for multiple users;
  • the absence of problems associated with condensation;
  • absence of corrosion problems;
  • lack of necessary water treatment;
  • heat generation for a variety of energy-consuming plants one installation;
  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • production of steam via steam generator included in the plant.

Applications of thermal oil boilers:


  • Roller press;
  • Dryers;
  • Impregnation processes.

Paper and paperboard production

  • Heating presses for paper;
  • The heating drums and tubs;
  • Production of roofing material;
  • Impregnation processes.

"Kovrovskie kotly" Co. produces standard Thermal boilers in the power range of 0.1-7 MW. To date, the maximum flow temperature is 300°C.

Type Productivity, kW Coolant temperature, °C Pressure, bar Fuel consumption, kg/h
.300 300 290 6 160
KMT.500 500 290 6 265
KMT.1000 1000 290 6 525
KMT.1800 1800 290 6 785
KMT.3000 3000 290 6 1575
KMT.4600 4600 290 6 2415
KMT.5600 5600 290 6 2940
KMT.7000 7000 290 6 3675

As the fuel in the thermal oil boilers can be used different elements of biomass — wood waste (sawdust, shavings, wood chips, bark), high humidity, wood pellets and granules, peat, crop waste (buckwheat husks, bagasse and husk sunflower seeds, vines hops and grapes, boxes flax, straw, etc.).