Industrial boilers on the sawdust, wood waste and agricultural waste

Because of the constant rise in energy prices, such as gas, electricity, petroleum products, for many businesses and individuals the question of heat production for heating and industrial purposes stays very serious. Although a valuable raw material for producing a large amount of heat energy is available for many people abundantly.

Appointment of boilers

  • Production of thermal energy for domestic use and production;
  • Disposal of industrial waste - because everyone manufacturers know how difficult it is to get rid of tons of sawdust, shavings, wood chips, bark, straw, bagasse. The use of polygons and obtaining various permits associated with a significant cost. Our boilers are fully eliminate the unnecessary costs and problems with the disposal of wood and agricultural waste.

Economic effect

The effect of the use of wood fuel can be assessed by our calculation of comparative efficiency boilers at a different type of fuel.

The lineup

We offer our clients industrial boilers series Geyser-TERMOWOOD, Geyser-BIOMASSE and Geyser-ENERGY. Nearly two dozen models of these series have a capacity from 300 to 10,000 kW. Due to the unique combustion chamber device, it can work on any solid fuel, even having high humidity.




Wood burning boilers humidity up to 35 % Wood burning boilers humidity over 35 % Boilers for high ash content fuels (peat, bark )

Design and Automation

The modular design of the boiler allows you to quickly install and run the equipment in operation, and also facilitates repair and maintenance. The boiler is fully automated. Control MCUs regulate fuel delivery and combustion process. Also, these processes can be visualized in the personal computer monitors.

Wood burning (Termowood) boilers are capable of operating in all weather conditions and are characterized by high efficiency, as well as the function of the smoke treatment. On this basis, using additional heating equipment, you can create a highly automated boiler systems total heat capacity of 40 MW or more.

Supplies regions

Our boilers for wood waste are already working in the sixties of the Russian Federation regions in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan kilns as a foreign (BASCHILD, Incomac, Incoplan, KATRES, KOETTER, LUKA, MUHLBOCK-Vanicek, NARDI, PTI, SECEA, SECAL), and domestic production.

By working with all regions of the country, and taking into account the real economic situation "on the ground", our company pursues a flexible pricing policy, providing the ability to make payments on different leasing schemes.

Recommendations on the selection of the boiler output

Heat productivity, kW 300 400 500 750 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000 10000
Gcal/h 0.258 0.344 0.430 0.645 0.860 1.290 1.720 2.580 3.440 4.300 5.160 6.880 8.600
The volume
to be heated room
(When t
outer Air -30° C) m³
8775 11700 14625 21938 29250 43875 58500 87750 117000 146250 175500 234000 292500
Mechanical workshop 7020 9360 11700 17550 23400 35100 46800 70200 93600 117000 140400 187200 234000
Volume loading
lumber dryingchamber, m³
60 80 100 150 200 300 400 600 800 1000 1200 1600 2000
Water turnover
when the temperature
increment coolant 20°C, m³/h
13.2 17.6 22 33 44 66 88 132 176 220 264 352 440


Please note that the power of 10,000 kW — is the power of the boiler, boiler systems may consist of several boilers a total capacity of 40 MW or more.